Wonderful and Spectacular Open House Design Inspiration

Amazing Open House Design Construction

Amazing Open House Design ConstructionHomeowner wants an open house that can accommodate daily activities. Home design provides space for the owner to be able to stay connected with nature and the yard, without any loss of privacy.

Spectacular Open House Design IdeasBased on the needs, The Principal Architect, designing a home that more open for spaces that serves as together room, such as living room and dining room. However, there are spaces that designed more closed, especially the spaces that are more personal, such as bedrooms and utility room.

Beautiful Open House Design PhotoFor private spaces, the building facade using concrete materials. But for the open spaces that serves for together using the glass material. The roof using the exposed wood roof. The expression of owner is a building that gives the open impression, but still show the privacy and warmth of house. Shared spaces are designed to get the natural air and light as well as possible. The bedrooms are designed to get the natural light and can be controlled as needed. These spaces can also use artificial air.